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As we enter retirement, more of us have an interest in an intentional journey of inner discovery tied to deep intention and a sense of purpose.

Conscious Retirement means examining and living from an awareness of what we most love, then choosing and creating a life to reflect this great love.

We look forward to retirement for many years.  Yet all too often find ourselves entering our retirement years bored silly or busy beyond belief at unsatisfying activity.

In Conscious Retirement we examine the cyclical nature of life and the many dimensions of our lives.  With guidance from the great wisdom traditions, we can shift our focus toward what we love, improve our self care and social skills, reveal meaning, and bring connection and joy to our service and contribution.

In coaching and retreat experiences we begin where you are and take a journey to constructively review our lives, renew our vision, and take action to establish new patterns for our lives.  We are rich in time and we have much to contribute. 


  • We remember our past to build our future
  • Telling our story
    • How we made choices
    • Recognize patterns and make choices


  • Values — come to know what you love most and anchor ourself in your beliefs
  • Purpose — your compelling reason for being
  • Mapping your future


  • Renewal —  use the energy of your love, your values to align every moment with your purpose
  • Invest your deep sense of self in specific activities that are your priorities
  • Balance your roles & responsibilities by linking to your purpose
  • Proactively create and plan your future
  • Establish your learning agenda